'Retina Calculator' app released for Android devices.


'A-Level Mathematics' android app has more than 5000 active users. This app contains handwritten notes for maths revision.


Existon Internet Radio no longer streaming. Thank you all listeners!


Existon releases its first application for Android (Greek Namedays).


Gallery Manager 2.0 released! This software allows for easy management of contacts and works of art for art galleries.


Final version of ISDN Superspy Plus released. An ISDN Modem (netmod) controller software with Caller ID and Settings configurator.

Welcome to Existon!

My name is Stefanos and I am an engineer. I have a great interest in computers, technology, electronics and science. In the projects section you can find information on some of the projects I have been involved with. For me 'existon' means the most basic thing that can exist. In greek I call it "υπαρκτόνιο".


What would a computer be without good software? Whether a mainframe or a smartphone any computer needs well-coded and friendly software in order to be useful. Software development is something that I really enjoy because it is very creative and it is always a challenge to get it right. I like experimenting with different languages although my favorites are Java, VB.NET and C#.NET.


It is just incredible how fast technology is progressing. Any mobile phone in the market today is a 'million' times more powerful than the computer on Apollo 11 that took us to the moon in 1969.  Electronic chips can have as many as a few billion transistors inside them compared to a few thousand in the 70's. Not to mention 3D flat screens, wireless technologies, GPS, MRI, touch devices and so many other amazing technologies. I always like to keep an eye on the latest trends.